CLA® - Coburger Lehrmittelanstalt

Since 1971, the family company CLA – Coburger Lehrmittelanstalt, company owner: Hans Sommer, has been offering CLA® Nursing Dolls, Medical Training Phantoms, and the entire programme of Original SOMSO® Models, thus providing a wide range for the education and further training in various health professions. Decades of experience as well as intense dialogues with experienced, renowned experts have resulted in an extremely high standard, which has won worldwide acclaim. Consequently, CLA® products are manufactured strictly in line with scientific and practice-oriented standards.


The Coburger Lehrmittelanstalt develops and manufactures its Medical Training Phantoms in-house in Coburg. Manufacturing the CLA® products requires a great degree of specialised and mainly manual work, which is done exclusively by extremely experienced and highly skilled staff. Modern technology and traditional manual work form a rare symbiosis. Due to the high level of manual work, each CLA® product is virtually a unique product and has got the unmistakable character of traditional manufacture. Supreme quality regarding functionality and form is guaranteed as well. A multitude of individual parts, materials, and mechanical elements are amalgamated into one unit that meets the exacting demands in medical training. The close co-operation with practising scientists and experts guarantees a high scientific standard, thus creating absolutely realistic training conditions.

Functionality and Warranty

CLA® Nursing Dolls and Phantoms are based on and represent the real-life conditions of diagnostic concepts. Within the framework of what is possible, the realistic conditions of functional processes of nursing or diagnostic activities are exactly replicated. Due to the use of extremely high-quality materials and applying special manufacturing processes, CLA® gives a full two-year warranty on its products, subject to proper use.

Service and Spare Parts Guarantee

It would be our pleasure to provide advice on the CLA® range of products, either over the phone (+49 9561 8574-12) or also here on our premises (by appointment). Even after many years of use, Coburger Lehrmittelanstalt offers the availability of spare parts for all Nursing Dolls and Phantoms that were made after 1971. In addition to that, there is always the option of performing corrective maintenance in our workshops, following a corresponding quotation.


The aim of CLA® is to make teaching aids available for health education. These teaching aids contribute to the training of nursing personnel and doctors. CLA® offers an extensive range of high quality products for this purpose.

This range of products covers the following areas:

  1. High quality nursing dolls and medical phantoms developed and produced solely by CLA®
  2. CLA® - Medical Phantoms
  3. The complete range of anatomical models from the world renowned manufacturer - Marcus Sommer SOMSO® Modelle GmbH –

Current product program

The worldwide success and the associated demand has prompted the Coburg Lehrmittelanstalt to continuously develop and expand the range of nursing dolls to meet the various medical and educational needs.