Nature is our model:
anatomical models from SOMSO®

"Nature is our model" - this is the guiding idea for the realistic representation of nature as the prototype. Continuous new developments and the on-going support by renowned scientists and experts guarantee up-to-date, solid, and pedagogically well-founded imparting of knowledge.

Original SOMSO® Modelle

Original SOMSO® Models

Taking the highest educational and scienfic requirements as a benchmark, SOMSO® has been manufacturing originals for 140 years. Their shape and functionality, as well as the fact that they can be dismantled, makes them the tried and tested basis for stimulating teaching. „Nature is our model“ - this is the guiding principle for the realistic representation as the standard.

Modelle im Einsatz

Especially in biology lessons it is about recognizing structures and relationships. Whether it is a human, an animal or a plant, the better the model is the image of reality, the easier it is for the learner to grasp, to recognize. To understand means to touch, to look - and to the spiritual dimension comes the physical-physical. Here, SOMSO® models provide a wonderful complement to the lively and exciting lessons.

Produktion »en Détail«

Die Herstellung von SOMSO® Modellen erfordert einen großen Aufwand an spezialisierter und reiner Handarbeit. Handwerkliches Können vollendet jedes Modell. Technik und Handarbeit bilden eine seltene Symbiose. SOMSO® Modelle tragen deshalb den Einzelstückcharakter einer Manufaktur. Damit wächst der Wert weit über ein normales Industrieprodukt hinaus. Dieser komplexen Herstellung verdanken SOMSO® Modelle ihre bestechende »Natürlichkeit« die sowohl wissenschafltich als auch ästhetisch bestehen kann.

Programm unserer anatomischen Modelle