Construction of Bone

Information on Construction of Bone QS 61

Enlarged many times in SOMSO-Plast®. Shown in a wedge segment from the compact part of a pipe bone. Shows Haversian lamellae, outer bone- and interstitial lamellae etx. In one piece. On a green base.

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  • IDS-1411
  • QS 61
  • 2.8 kg
  • 28 cm
  • 39 cm
  • 26 cm
Innominate QS 16/1 Innominate
Price on request
Sacrum, male QS 16/3 Sacrum, male
Price on request
Coccyx QS 16/4 Coccyx
Price on request
Vertebra QS 17 Vertebra
Price on request
Collection of Vertebrae QS 17/2 Collection of Vertebrae
Price on request
Rib Alternatively 1. - 12. rib. QS 17/22 Rib Alternatively 1. - 12. rib.
Price on request
Sternum QS 17/23 Sternum
Price on request