14-Part Model of the Skull

Information on 14-Part Model of the Skull QS 8/2

Natural size, made from SOMSO-Plast®, after Prof. J. W. Rohen, M. D., Department of Anatomy, University of Erlangen. The model is constructed from 14 individual parts, which can easily be dismantled and put back together by way of interconnecting plugs. The sphenoid bone, occipital bone and the two temporal bones form the basis of the skull, the two parietal bones and the frontal bone attach to the anterior of the sphenoid bone. The facial part of the skull is then completed through attachment of the right and left maxilla, each of which also includes the lacrimal, nasal and palatine bone. Facial and cranial bones (viscerocranium and neurocranium) are connected to each other on each side by the zygomatic bone. Zygomatic bone can be individually removed. Mandible is fixed into sockets on either side of the skull through a hinge-joint.

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