Artificial Demonstration Skull of an Adult

Information on Artificial Demonstration Skull of an Adult QS 8/11

Natural cast, made of SOMSO-Plast®. With representation of the blood vessels and nerves (N. trigeminus and N. opticus etc.). Separates into 10 parts: 1. Cranium with coloured vessels and blood supply of the hard meninx, 2. Base of the skull, sectioned medially, 3. Nasal septum removable. The paranasal sinuses and turbinate bones are shown, 4. The frontal sinus can be opened, 5. The maxillary sinus can be opened, 6. The right temporal bone can be taken out and opened. Representation of the bony labyrinths, the semicircular canals, the eardrum and the chain of auditory ossicles. A radial mastoidec-tomy is shown on the left temporal bone. 7. Removable lower jaw and roots of the teeth are exposed (flap). Complete set of teeth. size: 50.4 cm.

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  • QS 8/11
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