Bronchoscopy Model >Broncho Boy<

Information on Bronchoscopy Model >Broncho Boy< CLA 9

The Nakhosteen Bronchoscopy Model, Broncho Boy, was designed initially to facilitate learning transoral and transnasal flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy. It may, however, be used for intubation with the rigid bronchoscope. It was conceived and developed by Prof. Dr. John A. Nakhosteen.

1. Broncho Boy model by Nakhosteen (complete model with naso-pharynx and tracheo-bronchial tree with head and thorax). 2. Aluminium transport and storage suitcase. 3. Adjustable mounting base 4. Lubricant spray 5. Instructions for use.

Height: 25 cm., width: 71 cm., depth: 42 cm., weight: 14.8 kg.

Construction A specially developed casting process has enabled exact reproduction of internal structures and contours of mucous membranes. Anatomical landmarks aid the trainee bronchoscopist in mastering problems of endoscopic orientation. For those experienced with the rigid bronchoscope and wishing to learn flexible endoscopy, practicing with the Broncho Boy model will greatly ease the change. It is recommended that beginners spend 10 hours practicing with the Bronchoscopy Model. The following characteristics typify this unique training model:

1. Integrated naso-pharynx with tracheo-bronchial tree; 2. Precise reproduction of internal structures in nasal passages, pharynx and tracheo-bronchial system; 3. Extreme durability yet soft and pliable due to specialized synthetic substance used in moulds - no risk of damage to endoscope; 4. Removable sternum enabling trainee to check position of endoscope (tracheo-bronchial tree allows penetration of light from tip of bronchoscope).

Each CLA Broncho Boy model has a serial number which may be found inside the thorax on the right side. Please always quote this number in full when re-ordering or requesting further information.

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  • IDS-921
  • CLA 9
  • 15 kg
  • 25 cm
  • 71 cm
  • 42 cm
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