Bladder Phantom for Endoscopy

Information on Bladder Phantom for Endoscopy CLA 6/6

In co-operation with Prof. Dr. Guddat, Charité Berlin and Prof. Dr. J. Sökeland, Dortmund Natural size made of plastic.

The model comprises trunk on a green base, external female genitalia with urethra and elastic fastening closure for the bladder (removable inspection window and screw-fit closure cap).

Six exchangeable parts demonstrating characteristic bladder diseases can be used to assess the changes to the bladder.
For examination the endoscope is inserted through the urethra via an elastic valve opening in the bladder. By changing the lens -pro-grade optic or bladder optic- the shaft can remain in the urethra and bladder. After fitting an insert with Albarran lever, the osseine can be located with the urethra catheter CH 4.

The pathological changes listed below can be diagnosed. The examination routine can be checked by a second person through the inspection window. Height: 23 cm., width: 37 cm., depth: 27 cm., weight: 4.5 kg.

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  • IDS-853
  • CLA 6/6
  • 4.9 kg
  • 24 cm
  • 44 cm
  • 32 cm