Intubation Phantom

Information on Intubation Phantom CLA 8/9

natural size, corresponding to an adult.

  • Flexibly mounted head with thoracic spine, nasal cavity, mouth and throat, upper jaw with teeth with warning signal emitter, larynx, trachea, movable assembly
  • Training of intubation (charging epiglottis) and placement of a laryngeal tube
  • Removable pulmonary alveoli with membrane connection with twist lock.
  • Airway training using a respiratory mask and bag
  • Training rigid and flexible bronchoscopy as well as removing aspirated foreign matters by optionally enlarging the bronchial tree with anatomical internal structure (CLA 9101 and/or CLA 9102)
  • Upper body with spring supports and listening membranes, mounted on base board with folding hinge
  • Warning signal emitter in upper jaw (Alarm tone generator)
  • Intubation tube
  • Silicone oil, pressure spray bottle 250 ml
  • Instruction manual

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  • SW10013
  • CLA 8/9