CLA intubation model (basic model with larynx and case).

Information on CLA intubation model (basic model with larynx and case). CLA 8

Intubation Models in natural size. In cooperation with the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne a practice model has been developed which makes it possible to learn how to intubate under realistic conditions. In its design and construction special importance has been attached to natural size relations and anatomical features to develop a functional model. If intubation is performed incorrectly, that is to say, too great a pressure is exerted through the laryngoscope on the upper incisors, an acoustic signal sounds. Upon completion of intubation the correct position of the tube can be checked by listening to the respiratory sounds with a stethoscope lateral to the left and right wall of the thorax. Height: 25 cm., width: 71 cm., depth: 42 cm., weight: 15.2 kg.

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  • IDS-1962
  • CLA 8
  • 15.2 kg
  • 25 cm
  • 71 cm
  • 42 cm