Child nursing doll natural size.

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The doll with a length of 90 cm and weighing 6 kg corresponds to a small child approximately 3 years old. This realistic training doll offers the facility for numerous nursing procedures for training paediatric nurses. This doll made of plastic incorporates durable, new style joint mechanisms which permit most natural movements. As a result training and nursing procedures can be carried out in most practical situations. This small child phantom is available as both a female and male model because of the interchangeable breast and abdominal wall. The abdominal walls incorporate application points for s.c. injections and treatment of wounds (female abdominal wall - OP wound after appendectomy, male abdominal wall - wound treatment after hernia). Upper arms and upper thighs are provided with injection pads. The right arm can be exchanged for an i.v. injection arm. The abdominal walls are equipped with -anus praeter -openings for PEG and suprapubic bladder puncture. The CLA child nursing doll offers the following possibilities for training and instruction: General Nursing procedures a) dressing and undressing b) daily body care c) movement, putting to bed and positioning d) mouth and teeth care e) eye, nose and throat care (including administration of drops) Specific nursing measures under medical supervision for training and demonstration I. Enema a) Lavage enema / clyster b) Intestine tube insertion II. Catheterising and feeding a) Demonstration of catherisation and permanent catheter insertion in female and male genitalia b) Stomach tube insertion through nose and mouth c) Nutrition through bolus administration or by nutrition pump III. Injections and infusions a) I.M. injection (thigh, upper arm) b) S.C. injection (stomach) c) Demonstration of I.V. injection and infusion d) Connection of infusion equipment e) I.V. puncture IV. Lavage a) gastric lavage V. Wound treatment, catheter care and other measures a) Wound care and suture removal b) PEG care c) Anus-praeter care d) Suprapubic bladder puncture with material removal and care in the case of suprapubic bladder drainage e) Tracheostomy care Every child nursing doll is provided with a serial number. This is to be found on the inside in the centre of the chest. It is essential to quote this number in full when reordering. All parts are available individually or as spare parts.

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  • IDS-673
  • CLA 23
  • 7.1 kg
  • 19 cm
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  • 90 cm
Hospital Training Child CLA 23/B Hospital Training Child
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child nursing doll CLA 23/A child nursing doll
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