Arthroscopy Model of the Knee-Joint

Information on Arthroscopy Model of the Knee-Joint CLA 10/3

In accordance to Prof. Dr. med. H.R. Henche, in natural size, in plastic. The model comprises one soft front palpable and one cutaneous muscle sleeve in which the bone of the knee joint is embedded on the right. This is fastened to the front by means of press studs. The arthroscopy model can be supplied with or without the stipulated accesses. Lower leg bone with knee disc (healthy), mounting stand on thigh, Hoffa's fat pad, collateral and cruciate knee ligaments, part of the M. popliteus, meniscuses (healthy), 1 set replacement parts, 1 screwdriver, 1 pressure spray with silicon oil and 1 set of instructions. Height: 16 cm., width: 17 cm., depth: 53 cm., weight: 2.5 kg.

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  • IDS-2176
  • CLA 10/3
  • 3 kg
  • 13 cm
  • 51 cm
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